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Classic Car Transport Quote

Nationwide Classic Car Transport - Auto Transport RatesNot every classic car transport quote is the same and there are multiple reasons why.  Most auto transport brokers utilize similar tools to generate your classic car transport rate, yet the rates are different.  Often times it is because the representative is just giving you a basic rate and has not looked in to the specific route for your move.  This makes a huge difference.  When requesting door-to-door service, the exact location of the car is important.  

Let’s start here.  First, we will review the pickup and delivery locations. Auto transport companies usually use some type of system which calculates quotes based on the distance from point A to point B as a basis for building the quote. If the location is off a major interstate, those miles must be considered.  Car carriers like to remainclose to the interstate and they want an incentive to travel away from the interstate to pick up a vehicle.

From there, auto transport brokers will look at your vehicle and the size and weight of it. If it is a large, heavy, modified or inoperable vehicle, it is likely that this will increase your car transport quote to make up for extra work.  Charging an additional fee for overweight/oversize vehicle fee is normal– you won’t get around this, at least not if you want your car to move, so it’s best to not even try.

Rural Locations – Classic Car Transport Rate

72MustangAuto transport car carriers travel on common routes and highways; if you’re car or truck is not located in a major metro city, serviced by major highways, most likely this is the only vehicle needing picked up for hundreds of miles.   Most people get car transport rates from one big city to another, and if they’re shipping to or from a small city it’s either on a major auto transport route or they’re paying a premium to get it to or from the remote location. It’s always best to talk to your auto transport representative about your location and your vehicle before making a commitment to ship your car.  Ask questions and refrain from placing a deposit until you have all the details. At Nations Auto Transport, we don’t collect an initial deposit when your shipment is booked.  A deposit is due when the vehicle has been dispatched.  At this point, you have the option of paying the entire cost to us and we will take care of getting the carrier paid.  Or, if you prefer, we can dispatch your vehicle COD so you don’t pay the driver until the vehicle is in your driveway.  Either way, Nations Auto Transport has a 100% carrier satisfaction rating and we are able to secure a reliable carrier that meets your requirement because we pay our carriers within 48 hours of delivery. 

Car Shipping Estimate

Complete our quote request form or give us a call.  Classic car transport rate specialists are available 7 days a week to assist you. We will review your information and contact you with an reliable car transport rate.  You will only be receiving calls or emails from us.  We do not sell your personal info to multiple brokers.  We run a respectful business and we respect your privacy.


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Nations Auto Transport offers a fully refundable deposit if for any reason we are unable to get your vehicle dispatched in a timely manner and you had secured your transport with a deposit, which is not required.  LEARN MORE